At Global Bridge, we have realized that focusing purely on communication skills is not enough. While these communication skills are a necessary and fundamental element of our training, we understand that often the biggest barrier to conducting business successfully in a global environment is the one that you cannot see or hear. It is the mindset.

Even the best communicators can fail if they do not have the confidence, assertiveness and open-mindedness when doing business. Any experienced businessperson will tell you that the situation can and will change, and change rapidly. As part of our approach to training, we also attempt to equip our participants with the flexibility to adapt to any environment. Our focus on these three factors, communication skills, global mindset and flexibility, is referred to as the ‘Global Bridge Approach’.

The Global Bridge Approach to Training focuses
on the three key elements to achieve global readiness
Communication Skills

In every Global Bridge seminar and workshop, you will gain skills and knowledge that you didn’t have before that will help you to communicate in global business situations. You will learn and practice communication strategies and techniques and you will learn when and how to use them. This is the fundamental part of all of our training. Without this platform, doing business in any kind of global situation would be very difficult.

Global Mindset

Simply having the communication skills is not enough. To be a successful and effective global communicator, you also need to have the right mindset, which we refer to as a global mindset. This involves being aware of differences between cultures, having the confidence to communicate and being able to communicate in an assertive and positive manner. Each of these elements is vital for successful global communication.


The final key ingredient in our approach to training is flexibility. It is impossible to prepare for every situation that you might face in global business. Unexpected events and changes can and will occur on a frequent basis. A key element of our training is equipping our participants with the ability to analyze the situation and adapt their communication style or approach. By doing this, we hope that our participants will be ready for any situation that may arise.

The Global Bridge ApproachBy combining these three elements to our training, we are confident that we are providing our participants with the best possible platform for global business. Hopefully, this platform will enable participants to produce tangible benefits for your organization.