Communication Training

Global Bridge specializes in a wide-range of Communication Training Programs. While all materials are always customized to match the needs of each individual client, we offer a wide range of programs that we draw from to satisfy our client’s requirements.

Meeting & Discussion

Global Bridge’s Meeting and Discussion course helps participants communicate effectively and proactively in international meeting situations. Primary focuses will be on expressing themselves clearly and logically, defending and challenging opinions and facilitating meetings, along with group problem solving and decision-making. Communicating techniques that transcend borders will be developed.


Being able to give an effective presentation is a necessity for many business people, and Global Bridge’s comprehensive presentation program equips participants with the necessary tools. Course topics include planning contents, getting your point across in a persuasive way, delivering in a memorable fashion and navigating the question and answer session.


Global Bridge offers a range of negotiation programs that focus on practical and realistic situations, while at the same time incorporating the necessary knowledge required to negotiate successfully across borders. Some of the core focal points are how to make persuasive proposals, elicit key information, reach a settlement and deal with conflict.


Teleconferencing adds a new dimension to international meetings and offers different dynamics and complexities, which are challenging for non-natives and natives alike. Global Bridge’s teleconference program not only covers the core elements of communication required for meetings, but also adds the dimension of teleconference, where participants can learn the specific skills required for this field.

Business Communication

Global Bridge’s Business Communication program is a great starting point for younger staff or those unfamiliar with English. Some of the core contents of this program include business introductions, telephone manner, making appointments, hospitality and general business conversation.

Socializing & Networking

Often, people become so preoccupied with improving their communication for business situations that they lose sight of the need to communicate effectively in social settings, which is one of the most opportune times to add to your business network. Global Bridge’s Socializing and Networking program focuses on how to build relationships, particularly in social situations.

E-Mail Writing

In today’s business world, the vast majority of business correspondence is done through e-mail. When communicating by e-mail, it is important to express yourself clearly, concisely and appropriately. Global Bridge’s E-Mail Writing program helps participants to do this, while also focusing on doing so quickly in order to improve workplace efficiency.

Pre-Departure Training

The Global Bridge Pre-Departure program is the best way to make a smooth transition into a new way of life, utilizing a combination of communication specialists and natives of the destination country to prepare participants for situations that may arise in and out of the office.

English for Professionals

Particular industries within Japan often have very specific needs regarding English. Global Bridge has developed a number of short, cost-effective training programs that aim purely at people within a particular professional group, such as real estate agents, dentists, hairdressers, tour guides, retail staff, travel agents, restaurant staff and many others.

Team Dynamics

Team Dynamics can strongly influence how a team reacts, behaves or performs, and the effects of team dynamics are often very complex. Overcome difficulty with communication, change, team dynamics and conflict management. Global Bridge provides team leadership strategies for organizations needing unique solutions and individually tailored support, removing obstacles to effective collaboration and effectively embracing change.


Each organization possesses a huge amount of internal knowledge that is essential to sustaining their competitive advantage. However, the knowledge is often locked in the minds of certain individual employees. How can that knowledge be shared effectively? Global Bridge’s comprehensive ‘Train-the-Trainer’ program gives these knowledgeable and capable individuals the skills to successfully transfer their know-how.