Corporate Services

In addition to our regular training and consultancy, some clients have requested other related services and we, of course, have been happy to oblige. While not our core business, we have built significant experience and expertise in the following services.


Global Bridge has a number of bilingual business people at its disposable, with vast amounts of experience in translation, While not our primary business, we are pleased to offer the service of translation, currently limited to English-Japanese and Japanese-English, to support our clients.


Preparing documents that have mistakes or inaccuracies can have two consequences; the first is appearing unprofessional, the second is, more seriously, creating misunderstanding with possible legal implications. Global Bridge offers a proofreading service that will prevent these issues from occurring.


If you are holding a conference, seminar or event that requires expert facilitation, then Global Bridge has a service that can benefit you. We have a number of experienced facilitators capable of guiding discussions in the desired way, in addition to managing and coordinating the entire event.

Team Building

Global Bridge also specializes in Team-Building activities in English, and has had a lot of experience doing so in Global Training seminars with multiple nationalities in attendance. For training to be effective, it is very important that participants feel familiar and comfortable with one another, which is something that we are more than able to provide.