Executive Coaching

Our open-enrollment executive coaching has no fixed contents. Instead, the certified coach will assess the strong points and weak points of the clients communication, then work collaboratively with them to improve based on needs and urgency. Basically, our process is outlined below.

Step 1 - Measure Skills

Initially, we need to understand the communication skills and abilities of the executive. This is done using our assessment tools, including the Global Bridge Snapshot and Saville Wave Assessment Tools. Please click here for more information

Step 2 - Raise Self-Awareness

Our coach will then review the results of the assessments with the executive, highlighting key results and identifying issues.

Step 3 - Create an Action Plan Together

The coach and executive will then create an action plan together. They will agree focus areas and decide targets and goals, in addition to strategies.

Step 4 - Practice and Develop

The executive will then enhance and refine their skills in the agreed upon areas though practice, development and feedback.

Step 5 - Prepare to Transition

Finally, the coach will prepare the executive for the transition when the coach is no longer needed. The executive will understand how to function independently, where to go next and what to do in various situations.

Executive CoachingExecutive coaching can significantly improve performance of executives. It is highly recommended for those experiencing difficulties or being transferred to new positions or new countries. Please contact us for a no obligation consultation if you feel you could benefit from an executive coaching program