Language Training

Global Bridge offers a series of excellent, results-oriented packages aimed at helping build the platform for business English training. This includes developing the core skills of speaking and listening, as well as the fundamentals of grammar and vocabulary. Global Bridge also has specialized programs aimed at helping people get through certain tests, whether that is to satisfy company requirements or in order to gain entry to various overseas academic institutions. Each course is highly effective and proven in the field.

Conversation Training

The core of Global Bridge’s Language Training is the Conversation Training courses. With separate courses tailored for all levels of English ability, these comprehensive programs combine a variety of interesting topics and practical situations with useful vocabulary and relevant grammar to help build balanced communication skills.

Grammar Booster

Global Bridge’s Grammar Booster programs are designed to help people who need to create a solid platform for communication. These boosters are offered in different levels and are good for those looking to review forgotten grammar or learn new structures.

Vocabulary Building

One of the most important ways to expand one’s language skills, Global Bridge’s Vocabulary Building courses supplement each level of Conversation Training with additional useful words presented in a variety of practical applications to help with remembering and understanding how to use new words.


Global Bridge offers a series of programs aimed at building the listening skills of people at all levels of English ability. By first introducing various listening strategies and techniques, then following it by using English speakers with varying accents from various countries, all delivered in a combination of audio and video formats, these courses improve understanding of native speaking speed, speaking style, and nuance.


TOEIC is the most widely used English measurement device currently used in Japan. Global Bridge offers comprehensive programs for those aiming to achieve scores of 860, 730, 650 or 470. The programs cover all aspects of the test and come complete with daily study plans, vocabulary books, study guides and custom-made grammar texts.


TOEFL is the most universally recognized assessment system for universities and academic institutions worldwide and is a must for anyone with serious intentions of studying overseas. Global Bridge’s TOEFL preparation course involves a combination of face-to-face meetings, along with a heavy self-study workload supported by your trainer in order to achieve your goals.


GMAT is a standardized assessment test recognized by over 1,500 academic institutions spanning 83 countries. Global Bridge’s GMAT preparation course covers all aspects of the test and offers a comprehensive study plan, a support service along with regular face-to-face meetings to assess progress and re-evaluate targets and plans.


More and more companies around the world are beginning to adopt the BULATS test in order to assess their current or potential employees’ English communication ability. Global Bridge provides targeted programs to cover each discipline and has achieved great results in numerous companies throughout Japan.


Over 7,000 organizations in over 130 countries use IELTS as an indicator of true-to-life ability to communicate in English for education, immigration and professional accreditation. Global Bridge’s IELTS preparation course is designed to prepare students for all components of both the Academic and General modules.