Management Team

Global Bridge has assembled a diverse group of experienced, dedicated and capable people to help achieve its mission of developing global leaders. Each shares a passion for delivering high quality training and exceeding the expectations of our partners, and each plays a key role in the success of the company.

Garry Pearson, President

Garry is originally from the UK, where he received a BA in Business, an MSc in Marketing and an MBA from Aston Business School. He was invited to stay on as a lecturer, where he lectured on the Global Strategy and Marketing courses, before an admiration for Japanese companies led him to the country in 2003. Since then, he has been involved in Global Training, Human Resource Development and Consulting, where he has worked with many of Japan’s most prestigious companies. He established Global Bridge in 2012, where he has been continuing his work, supporting leading companies with their globalization efforts.

Garry currently serves as the President of Global Bridge, although his role is much more hands on than most with that title. While a lot of time is spend creating strategy and driving growth, he spends most of his time working with existing partners and helping them achieve their goals. In order to do this, he spends most of his time collaborating with clients to design programs, consulting on globalization and human resource development and developing materials. In addition, his passion for training means he still spends a lot of time delivering Global Bridge programs.

Dr. Todd Leroux, Senior Consultant

Todd comes from Canada, where he graduated with degrees in both Marketing and Education. He spent several years working in sales for Xerox, before the draw of education became too much for him and he spent the better part of a decade working as a lecturer in Canada. He came to Japan in 2004, where his passion for training saw him take up positions as a corporate trainer and instructor at many of Japan’s leading companies. His passion for education and to constantly better himself led him to Temple University, where he gained first a Masters Degree and later a Doctorate in TESOL(Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages).

He currently works as a lecturer at some of Japan’s most prestigious universities. In total, he has amassed more than 20 years teaching and training experience. Todd currently works as a Senior Consultant for Global Bridge, where he advises and supports both content development and trainer improvement. He participates in program design and reviews all materials to ensure pedagogical effectiveness. He also runs workshops with Global Bridge trainers, helping all to improve their skill.

Matthew Corsover, Corporate Training Manager

Originally from the United States, Matthew received a Bachelor of Architecture from the Pratt Institute in New York City and is currently a licensed architect in the state of New York. His background in both project management and the multicultural character of New York City proved a natural fit for business English training in Japan, where he worked as a trainer for several leading trading and manufacturing companies before joining Global Bridge.

As Corporate Training Manager, Matthew is involved in all phases of program design, from the initial needs analysis, curriculum planning and content customization through to trainer orientation and program implementation. His hands-on approach to management means that he is often acting as trainer himself, both to deliver corporate training programs and to prepare Global Bridge’s trainers.

Chris Gould, Content Development Manager

Chris hails from the UK, where he graduated in Economics and Politics from Durham University. He has always had a keen interest in writing, which led to him working as a sports correspondent for one of the most popular national newspapers in the UK. He then worked in Government, where his main responsibilities included writing speeches and preparing policy reports. He arrived in Japan in 2008, where he has been working as a corporate trainer at leading manufacturing, finance and trading companies, helping employees develop both written and verbal communication skills. On top of that, he has continued his writing with various magazines, in addition to publishing numerous books.

Chris is responsible for content development at Global Bridge, where he helps design, create and customize training materials. He utilizes his writing experience and talent, coupled with a strong empathy with Japanese culture and knowledge of Japanese business to help create industry-leading materials. Despite his busy schedule, Chris also makes time to deliver training himself. He then integrates what he learns from this training into our materials, which ensures our programs are constantly evolving and improving.