Management Training

Global Bridge provides a comprehensive range of training to support human resource development. We have built a large network of experienced business professionals with diverse backgrounds and equipped them with the training skills necessary to pass on this knowledge, experience and expertise .


Global Bridge’s leadership seminars help you develop the qualities of good leadership that are essential for career and organizational success in a global environment. Improve your performance by increasing your effective leadership skills and be ready to meet the difficult challenges of today’s economy and business world.

Accounting / Finance

Global Bridges offers a series of workshop and seminars on various accounting and financial themes. Core programs include Accounting Principles, Introduction to IFRS, Financial Statement Analysis and Corporate Finance. All courses are highly interactive and involve discussions, projects and utilization of acquired knowledge from qualified, experienced trainers.


Global Bridge specializes in marketing workshops and seminars, with focused training covering such topics as Fundamentals of Marketing, Leveraging Social Media, Market Analysis, Creating Marketing Plans, Branding, Positioning and many more. All training includes the use of Harvard Case Studies and is delivered by trainers with a multitude of experience.

Corporate Strategy

Corporate Strategy programs consist of a wide range of topics, including Mergers & Acquisition, Change Management, Creating Shared Value, Blue Ocean, Business in Emerging Countries, Crisis Management and many others. Global Bridge also utilizes a Business Simulation Game that allows participants to put their ideas to the test competing against each other.

Organizational Management

Organizational Management is a hot topic in the increasingly globalized business environment, and Global Bridge offers seminars and workshops covering key themes, such as Organization Strategy, Operational Management, Business Ethics, Project Management, Business Across Borders and and many others.

Human Resource Management

Arguably the biggest challenge facing companies in the era of globalization is Human Resource Management, so Global Bridge offers programs in Fundamental HRM, Talent Management, Managing People, Succession Planning, Creating Successful Teams, Cultural Conflicts and many others. All trainers have diverse experience in Human Resource Management from various countries.

Logical Thinking & Problem Solving

An essential skill for all business people is the ability to consider an issue logically. Global Bridge offers programs that cover this from various angles, such as Critical Thinking, Persuasion, Building Arguments, Brainstorming, Analytic Techniques and many others. All programs are very interactive with discussions, group projects and presentations.