Global Bridge prides itself on achieving successful and lasting results. Our unique methodology, consisting of four distinct disciplines, enables us to do this and provide return on both corporate and individual investment. Based on our experience, we have concluded that the best approach to training is a combination of these four disciplines, with the proportion, style and timing of each dependent on each individual situation. This combination process is something that we refer to as ‘enabling’.

Enabling involves the optimum combination
of the four disciplines.
Four-Stage Process

We utilize the following proven method to help enable participants gain practical and useful skills. This process has deep pedagogical reasoning and support to validate its effectiveness.

  • Teaching – Inputting required knowledge, structure, language and skills.
  • Training – Utilizing this input in a series of small tasks to acquire, develop and enhance the skills or language.
  • Coaching – Attempting longer and more challenging tasks with trainer feedback to recognize and improve upon weak points.
  • Facilitation – Practicing real business communication independently in realistic situations.
Learning Contract

Learning requires a commitment to focus, both from us and from participants. What can be accomplished in a workshop is limited and must be supplemented by efforts outside of the workshop. Participants must commit to approaching English training in a way that will help them build, develop, and refine their skills. We believe in our passion and our enabling skills, and by working together with participants and pushing each other based on these commitments, we can help them to achieve their goals.

Small Wins Concept

At Global Bridge, we challenge our participants to aim for small wins: small accomplishments, but a lot of them. At the end of every workshop, our participants must clearly realize what they have accomplished. They must be able to do something at the end of the workshop that they could not do before it started. Sometimes, it is not a new skill, but being able to do something better or faster than they could before. These small wins are realistic. Each small win increases motivation and drives progress. And when you have enough small wins, they can amount to a very big win and a very significant accomplishment. But by dividing them into small wins, it becomes realistic and attainable for the participants.

MethodologyThis methodology is integrated into all Language and Communication Training and has proven a successful way of not only acquiring new language and skills, but also being able to utilize them effectively and, most importantly, retain them for use in actual business situations. Because of this, we claim to provide results-orientated training.