Our Services

Global Bridge offers customized training packages that are designed to improve the communication skills of participants and help them function effectively in global business situations. Our training delivery mode depends on the requirements of each client, as our programs can be packaged into;

  • Interactive Seminars – These can be all day or half-day sessions and can accommodate up to 30 participants.
  • Workshops – These can be one-offs or held frequently, and can accommodate between 4 and 6 participants.
  • Executive Coaching – These are one-to-one sessions and can be held at the convenience of the executives.
  • Weekly Lessons – These are well suited to the language training courses, as frequent practice is required to improve. This can be held during the day, evenings or at weekends. These can accommodate between 4 and 6 participants.
  • Private Lessons – This one-to-one training is an effective way to acquire language or communication skills and can be held at the convenience of the participant.

All courses can be held either on site at our partners’ premises or in the Global Bridge Learning Center.

The total number of hours and actual contents will depend largely on the current ability and the goals of each participant, but Global Bridge is happy to provide an assessment and proposal free of charge and with no obligation . Please click here for more information on our sales model.

Our training itself is divided into several categories, as we actively recruit and train specialists in the particular field. For more information on our programs and services, please click on the appropriate links below.


Global Bridge Management Training is the original flagship brand of Global Bridge, focusing on leadership, executive education and development and professional training. Our trainers come from a sizable pool of experienced professionals with diverse experience from various industries and backgrounds. We then equip these experienced business people to develop their training and coaching skills, and enable them to pass on their business experience to our clients.


Global Bridge Communication Training is the largest division in Global Bridge and focuses on business skills training, such as meeting and discussions, presentations, negotiations, teleconferences, socializing and networking, business writing and business communication. Our trainers here have strong training backgrounds and are career trainers, usually supported by some business experience from various fields.


Global Bridge Language Training focuses on developing a solid platform for English learning by building a foundation of conversation and listening skills combined with grammar and vocabulary knowledge. This knowledge is also focused into specialized preparation courses for some of the most common English proficiency tests, such as TOEIC, TOEFL, GMAT, BULATS, and IELTS.


Global Bridge Training Consultancy was established at the request of several of our large clients and has become an integral part of our business. We advise our clients on how to develop and manage their talent in order to improve their global effectiveness. Core services include assessing individual and organization objectives, planning and design training programs, managing training partners and governing programs. For companies lacking ideas or having difficulty globalizing their staff, this can be an ideal starting point.


Global Bridge Corporate Services is an extension of our main business and encompasses a variety of different services, including team-building, facilitation services, proof-reading and translation. We again utilize our extensive human network to bring in the best person to suit the particular needs of each company, matching experience, expertise and technical knowledge when necessary.