Global Bridge President Garry Pearson

"If you can’t communicate, you can’t do business, but globalization has presented huge communication challenges. Our training helps you communicate effectively in any global business situation."

The business environment is changing very rapidly, with globalization seemingly getting more and more prevalent with each passing year. This globalization, coupled with the stagnated economy, is leaving Japanese companies with no option but to change. At Global Bridge, we are committed to helping Japanese companies adapt to this change.

One of the biggest obstacles facing Japanese companies in the globalization era is communication. Communication is essential in any business, and is the primary focus of Global Bridge training. We aim to equip people with the communication skills, mindset and flexibility required to not only function, but to flourish in any global business situation.

Global Bridges uses the slogan of “Think Global! Act Global!”, but in all honesty, this is more of a philosophy than a slogan. While many companies will try to instill that acting locally is the key, we believe that simply changing to match the culture of the person you are communicating with is not good. We believe that each person should utilize global communication skills, but integrate it with their own beliefs, values and DNA. This hybrid will lead to effective global communication, and this is what we mean by acting global.

We don’t promise miracles, because miracles don’t happen. What we do promise is to design effective programs, provide high quality materials and capable and dedicated trainers. With this, we believe that if our partners are committed, they can make significant improvements that will be reflected in their work.

The greatest asset of every organization is their people. At Global Bridge, we are committed to helping people fulfill their potential and develop the skills needed to succeed in global business.