Private Lessons

For those wishing to improve language and communication skills and have very specific requirements, private lessons are often the most effective way to improve. Global Bridge has over 350 independent lessons focusing on different aspects of language and communication.

Global Bridge will conduct a level assessment and discuss the needs with the person in great detail, then, based on level and needs, will propose a program syllabus covering the contents that we think would be most effective for improvement, in addition to what the person would like to study for their work.

We combine a Level Assessment with a Needs Analysis in a 60-minute interview. First, we will determine your communicative ability in English using our Global Bridge Snapshot, which can be found here. Secondly, we determine what your requirements are for your work and recommend a customized program to help achieve your objectives.

Private LessonsThese lessons are highly customizable, but some examples of the themes that can be included in private lesson training can be found here.