Training Consultancy

Global Bridge not only provides training, but also offers a consultancy service to those companies who are not sure exactly what their needs are. This can be followed up with training, but companies are not obligated to do so. If your company wants to know exactly what staff’s capabilities are in relation to their work and industry, in addition to what they need to do and how to do it, then this service provides a good option.


The first step in our training consultancy is to clearly understand the situation of the organization. Global Bridge conducts a comprehensive needs analysis, at the end of which, the organization’s current position, in relation to their strategic goals and objectives, will be clear, as will the target position and the gap that exists.


The next step is to create a plan that will bring the company to where it needs and wants to be in the most effective and efficient way possible. Global Bridge will call on the expertise and insight of its vast human network in order to prepare a number of alternative solutions to the issues and present them to the client in order to make a decision.


After designing the training plan, the organization has two options. The first is to utilize Global Bridge to conduct the training itself. The second is to ask Global Bridge to once again utilize its expertise and network to select and prepare the most suitable training provider to help achieve the goals of the organization.


Once the training provider has begun the training, Global Bridge will remain in an advisory capacity, drawing on its experience to monitor and evaluate the training. When there are quality issues, Global Bridge will work with the training provider collaboratively to rectify it, while constantly reviewing the effectiveness of the training in relation to strategic goals.