Total Solutions

Global Bridge is not just a training provider. Training is the core of what we do, but it is not simply a matter of going into a company, delivering training and expecting results. What we provide is a complete package before, during and after the training. Let’s take a look at some of the products and services we offer.



Before training, we conduct thorough and comprehensive meetings with the client to determine exactly what the strategic objectives behind this training are. We supplement this with interviews with participants to ascertain individual goals, and then set out to design, develop and create the optimum training program to achieve those goals.


We then deliver the program itself based on the design approved by our client. We provide the best possible trainers and use a learning contract and orientation to ensure that participants, trainers and clients are all on the same page and moving towards the same goals.


At Global Bridge, the training itself is never the end, as we firmly believe that learning is a lifelong process. Therefore, we ensure that when the training is finished, we are leaving our participants with a clear understanding of the next step. To do this, we give detailed assessments and provide an exit interview giving each participant individual advice on how to proceed. We also conduct a comprehensive internal evaluation in an attempt to further improve our program.

TOTAL SOLUTIONSSo with Global Bridge, we are not just a training provider. We aim to be your partner every step of the way. We share your goals and work tirelessly to help you to not only achieve them, but to exceed them.